Sean Lee

Sean Lee is an international student from South Korea. He is 22 years old (Canadian standard). He speaks bilingual; Korean and English but he speaks mostly Korean. He first came to Canada when he was 12 which was 2006 February, which was then covered with snow. He was surprised and so much excited to see that much snow, because it doesn’t snow like that back in his Country. ┬áHe spent his first year in Ottawa with his whole family, but due to family issues, his parents had to go back to Korea. So him and his brother decided to move out to the city, Toronto. He graduated middle school and high school in Toronto. After first year of his university at York, he had to go back to his country to serve for Korean Military Service which is mandatory for all Koreans males. After serving for 2 years, then he came back to Canada to continue his education, but not at York. He decided to do what he really want to do for his future, so he went to Seneca College to study Broadcasting and Media industry. He is loving what he’s learning at school and also enjoying his summer life.