Each fall semester, as part of the learning experience, the third semester students are responsible for contributing to sections of the sayradio website. This is SAY EXTRA…

If you have any suggestions for sections, or pages you as a listener would like to see, please visit our contact page, and give us some feedback. Thanks for listening!

$10 to spend
You have a ten-dollar bill in your pocket and that is it! Left with a need to spend it, so what do you do? Maybe, a new article of clothing, a book or CD, or a ride on the ferris wheel, all the way to the top? What would you do?

artist spotlight
Your favourite artist or band in any genre under the microscope. What is in their rider, their discography, where they grew up, and what is their favourite lunch, or ice-cream flavor…

blogs & pods
Get the skinny on blogs with something to say and cool and interesting podcasts from around the world.

CD reviews
Let us all know about a great new artist you found .. or the latest release from one of your old favourites.

concert reviews
Local, international, concert hall, stadium or the coffee house down the street, the review of all reviews of a live music show.

cool links
Your favourite websites on the net (keep them clean). What people are talking about, and where we can go for a couple of minutes for non-brain taxing fun a frivolity.

electronic corner
Game consoles, toys and gadgets for the electronic lover. Reviews, and previews… What’s hot and what’s not.

entertainment weekly
What is happening in the world of entertainment? From the tabloids to the headlines, the stories, and the stories behind the stories. More than Tom Cruise, and J-lo.

fashion files
What are the up and coming trends in fashion? Who is designing what and who is launching what? How do you pick your ideal colour? Are you a spring or a summer?

food for thought
What is a flambé? How is Kraft dinner made, and can a student really survive on it alone? Are there easy recipes that non-cooking types can pull off? Fun food facts, recipes, tips and tricks for great meals, fast and cheap!

What happens when your sun rises in your house ….. or something like that.

hot video games
Gamers welcome…

A collection of jokes, a funny story, great pictures, or things that make you go huh…

indie news
The word on the street… what is happening in the indie artist music scene; at Seneca, in Toronto, in Canada or the World. It could contain some successes, maybe a artist spotlight, or tips on succeeding.

kid’s stuff

movie review
New or old, blockbuster or independent, this is your chance to speak your mind. Remember, your review should setup the story, talk about performance, and rate the movie. It could also recap actors and directors other work.

music news
What’s happening in the music industry? Who’s on tour? Who’s in the studio? Who signed with who, or anything else related to the big time music scene.

not quite the news
The news that you will not hear or see on CNN. Stories of crime and punishment that goes unreported, or at least should have. Or perhaps … news that makes you feel good …. hummmm

playing around
The title says it all. . . or does it?

radical radio
The most out there crazy happenings from around the world, involving radio. Satlite, digital, HD or traditional terrestrial radio, if someone, somewhere is doing something with radio, you will find it here.

From “So You Think You Can Dance”, to the latest “idol”, what is the trend on television with the so-called view into the lives of the reel people on scripted reality?

social networking buzz
What is the latest online trend? Is facebook still King of all Social Media, or is there a new go to site that is all the rage? What is the top application or must use daily guilty pleasure in cyberspace in the social networking buzz?

student’s life
Early classes, late nights and the dreaded 5000-word essay and throw in a party or three, the life and times of the modern student makes for a fun but stressful life. Or is it? On this page, tips for navigating and successfully surviving the challenging life of a student.

stumbled upon
While surfing the World Wide Web, without a net, have you stumbled upon something that is interesting or bizarre that needs to be shared?

things for boys
What do guys need to know or want to know? Dating tips and advice from a female perspective (maybe?)

things for girls
What do girls need to know or want to know? Dating tips and advice from a male perspective (maybe?)

this week in history
This could be in the music world, technology, or politics. It could also contain significant birthdays.

travel tips
This could be reviews of student budget friendly trips, or places you would like to visit if you had a million dollars. It can be great places to visit for specific events or spotlight on a city with historic significance.

What are the hottest shows on the tube? Reviews of your favourites, information on new shows, and specials that we just can’t live without?

tweet trends
Who is tweeting what? Who is a must follow and what are people talking about, 140 characters at a time?

what’s on in the city
Fun things to do in and around the city, can include concerts, showcases, art expos, theater, and events for students and families.