Rosanna loves to read and listen to music. She can play the piano, because she was taught from a very young age how to play.  She is also willing to try the guitar this year, because she has the long fingers for it and she figured why not? Rosanna’s favorite song that she listens to would have to be Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars. It’s a powerful song with a powerful message.

Rosanna’s favorite book that she loves to read would have to be The Fault In Our Stars, because it’s romantic and sad at the same time. (Spoiler alert: Hazel doesn’t die until after Augustus dies from Cancer.)

This year, she applied to be a contributor at VIBE 105, because it was a good start for her to get into the Radio & Broadcasting industry. While she has been volunteering at VIBE 105, she has met lots of new people who have helped her along the way to get to where she is now with her news hits.

This summer, Rosanna got a wonderful opportunity to intern alongside her good friend and co host Abdi Hassan at The Scope which is Ryerson University’s radio station located in the heart of Downtown Toronto on Church and Dundas Street East. It’s a wonderful internship opportunity and Rosanna hopes it will help her to pursue her future career in this industry.

Commencing later on this year, Rosanna will have her own podcast show on SoundCloud with one of her inspirations and best friends Alex Dunlop  called “Rosanna and Alex Talk Show!”

Rosanna’s on-air personality inspiration is John Derringer from Q107. She has listened to Q107 from Grade 1 up until now and she loves to answer trivia questions when Q107 had the Grand IQ test before, but they stopped that segment, because they weren’t getting as many listeners as they used to before. Rosanna also loves the “Liars Club” segment, because there are two guys and one of them tells a lie, the other one tells the truth. She has fun guessing which one is the liar and which one is true, because it can be difficult sometimes to determine who is really the LIAR!

Sometimes, when Derringer used to do “Derringer’s Tool of the Day” segment, Rosanna would try and put her own spin on “Tool of The Day”, and she would laugh her head off, because of how funny she is while she is doing that segment.

Rosanna hopes to become an excellent on air personality someday for a Toronto Radio Station or any station, because she has a good sense of humour!

Rosanna’s goal in the Radio & Broadcasting Industry is: to have any role in this industry that she can get. Whether it be a music director, music producer, on air personality or programming director. Whatever role she gets, so long as it’s something that will make her happy and that it makes a good amount of money, she is all for it! 🙂