FamousFridays Dj Ibrahim Michael
FamousFridays Dj Ibrahim Michael
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Ibrahim Michael, a funny outgoing person ready to discover anything new, born October 1st, 1994, and believes that every opportunity out there should not be taken for granted. Loves music and that’s why he is a disc jockey and an MC for a while, He always loves to work in teams but not individually because teamwork always expands great ideas and makes things happen quicker. Always ready to plan a trip, and take a decision for everyone, but hates to be put in problems. Loves eating steak and hates KFC. Currently studying radio broadcasting at Seneca College, I have a year experience in technical support and sales working at Tekcorner, As well as a 6 year experience in Entertainment services as an owner of I.M Entertainment Services, providing different services such as Djing, Promoting, and Event Planning for multiple events. Seeking adventures and always ready to do anything it takes to achieve what needs to be done. There are many goals set in my life and I want to slowly but quickly reach them, my dream is to own a nightclub one day in Toronto. I also like to be in the marketing and sells one day and I think I am capable of many things, I just need the support to be fully comfortable in an environment to reach my goals, I will not hesitate to take an opportunity that comes my way, that will lead me to the right path in my journey of radio broadcasting and what I want to achieve in general.


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