What would you do with only $10 left in your pocket?

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What would you do with a $10.00 C.Note? I have a few ideas even if its really hard for everyone to think of some. 10 years ago, $10.00 had a higher standard in value. I was given $10.00 when I was in high school and I felt like I was rich for a week before I went broke all over again. So here it is. My take to action with $10.00 in your pocket in today’s world.

If I had $10.00, I would go play 5 sets of 2 stroke scratchy tickets worth a $1.00 to increase my chances of walking away with double or triple the chances of more money. This is a risky move because the ratio of probability is statistically balanced at both sides of winning and losing and its calculated all the way down to your luck. That is also why I recommend that you select them in pairs twice before selecting the fifth one as a single, so that you can give yourself a chance to think whether you should continue to play or walk away with $5.00.

My next option is to have a garage sale by investing your $10.00 in creating some signs from the dollar store as well as some markers and then you could “quick-sell” what you don’t need for $10.00 each as the starting price, if those items are of that value and if not, you could create a section called the “door crashers” for items worth $5.00.

How about going to garage sale yourself and seeing what they have a for about $5.00, buy it and then you can resell it for $10.00.You can continue this process of reinvesting until you have enough do something else. This concept of investing is called buying and flipping and originated from real estate.

If you have to buy school supplies on the cheap, the best place to head over to would be the dollar store. I would recommend you to take this opportunity to purchase products and items frugally and this is the best option to utilize purchases with $10.00 in your pockets.

How about pooling that money in with some of your buddies for something more convenient like a night out to have dinner at places such as Boston Pizza, Galaxie Diner, Gino’s, and other dine-in restaurants where you all pitch in for a nice dinner. The more people the more food and the less money that’s incurred to be spent.

Sometimes, I’d like to look at life as a student in the form of a longterm investment because we have to be students from a small age of 4-5 years old and reach all the way up to 18 years of age with the option of post secondary. Of course, $10.00 is not going to cover all those years that accumulated, but surely you can learn in other ways. Visit your local bookstore and if you want my recommendation, I’d try to get to an Indigo Chapter’s Bookstore. Look for a $5.00 or $10.00 section for books and then narrow your search down to looking for something that involves finances. If you need help, any member at chapters, customer and employee will help out. Look for key words such as “How to establish a line of income with only $10.00” or “How to invest with as little as $10.00”. If this works out you struck gold with the ideas out there in those books.

You can also create a premium profile for offering freelance work on line for $10.00 annually. Some sites that offer this are extremely useful because when clients search for a freelancer, you become a first rank search listing as well as other premium members and then from there, you have contacts that give you assignments for your rate of charge and if you do your work really well, clients rate you with a 5 star rating which gets public advertising on that site to increase your profile outlook for better positioning of work and your name becoming more recognized and established.

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