Captain America: Civil War Movie Review

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Ever since the movie, “Captain America: The First Avenger” came out, Marvel has done extremely well with record shattering box office scores and also increasing depth to the movie with sequels for the characters in solo movies. Its a first rate “badass” concept even now with rumors swirling around for the possibility of a cameo from the X-Men, to make the scene since Spiderman was incorporated to appear in this film.

To break this film down in a quick synopsis or brief summary; “Captain America: Civil War” is about a long-standing issue of leadership that has been evidently clear since this team was assembled with power struggles and friction between Captain America, Tony Stark and the ever ominous and mysterious, Nick Fury. The plot quickly shifts to a decisive and personal attack on Steve Roger’s a.k.a. Captain America being a “bigot” for protecting and harboring an alleged fugitive in Bucky Barnes, who becomes a villainous, dark assassin who suffers from amnesia and post-traumatic stress syndrome and also is directly responsible for many mass murders while he was brainwashed to follow orders for hydra.

This film has become a staple for what its worth to successfully put together a film with A-level superstar characters together in the movie and how easy it was to achieve the dynamics of a solid plot structure that had very little ambiguity. With the addition of Spiderman in the fold it was better than its predecessors because they were able to successfully implicate a crossover for the first time on the big screen. Character crossovers are normal in the world of comics but when it comes to heavily budgeted movies, crossovers are just your afterthoughts here and there.

However, to have the chance to see the Wolverine join forces with Captain America, would be an epic reunion since there days in World War 2. For those that don’t know of this, I’ll elaborate on this a little. So, based on real-time, history of World War 2, Germany was heading out to steam roll any country that got in its way and one country that was suffering at its hands was Poland as well as random prisoner of war members that where being held against there will in isolation camps, before being sent over to rail-train carts to be killed. Nick Fury, the leader of the special agency called the S.H.E.I.L.D., had a scouting report set out for a mission of “grounded combat” and the premise of the mission was to free hostages from the camps and divert Germany’s plans to obliterate Poland, however, S.H.E.I.L.D. is always known for covering up something and in this case, its about a special young man, by the name of Eric Lenshar, who serves a great deal of importance to Nick Fury. Lenshar was in fact, young Magneto and Fury was well aware of his ability of power and wanted to manipulate Lenshar for his own ulterior motives.

This called for two specific members to handle this mission because it was termed a “suicide mission”. An American soldier and a Canadian soldier from the special forces ops unit. In other words, Captain America and Logan, who wasn’t using the name “Wolverine” at the time for no apparent reason. The mission was dealt with, a close bond of friendship was established, and then Captain America disappears for a very long time and Logan’s memory was tampered with, very severely.

This is the reason why this would be an amazing reunion because of the history they shared as comrades in a joint effort to thwart Germany.

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