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Recently I had come across “The Martian” starring Matt Damon on Netflix. It was a movie I had forgotten about entirely but was happy to stumble upon it. The Martian is science-fiction dramatic film starring Matt Damon. Damon plays Mark Watney, a botonist who’s sent to the red planet to explore it’s potential for growing plants and potentially, harboring life. During an unexpected storm the crew is caught in hurricane-like wind and is forced to abandon the planet. Mark Watney is thought to be dead as he’s struck with debris during the storm and the crew is forced to leave him behind and head back to earth. Afterwards, Watney is found alone, with nothing but a vehicle and the the home the crew was living in. Watney has no communiction with Earth and only has so much water and food to survive on. He finds ways to communicate with Houston, through satellite images, he moves his vehicle around to gain the attention of those back on earth. Once he does gain their attention NASA, who had already had a funeral for Watney, must make a decision on how they are going to retrieve, if at all. NASA has the realistic outlook on it, knowing Watney only has so much food, they don’t know how to reveal his back-from-the-dead news to the world. As Watney does the math, and realizes he only has so much time, his botonist skills come into play. He makes fertilizer then geniously creates a greenhouse out of plastic and uses the dirt of Mars to grow potatoes. Watney starts dealing with the cabin fever effect. Alone, for months, possibly years on end can do alot to one’s mental psyche. He becomes bored. The isolation has him going mad. The lack of food is starting to take it’s toll. He’s losing weight fast and there’s very little hope. It only gets worse for Watney though. Eventually, in all of these types of stories, something goes wrong. In a freak accident his vegetables are all gone. Watney must make do and try to make it back to Earth even sooner. Meanwhile, NASA is still sorting out how to deal with the situation. Do they use the international community for help? do they send the former crew of Watney’s back to Mars to rescue him? will time run out?

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