The Conjuring 2 Entertainment Review

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Spoilers for The Conjuring 2

Last week we had the release of the sequel to the 2013 horror movie The Conjuring. The sequel The Conjuring 2 does not disappoint. Filled with more jump scenes than the first, a story that builds a better connection between the viewer and the characters, and an evil scarier than that of the first movie, The Conjuring 2 is a must see for everyone who wants to be on the edge of their seats this summer. The movie features the return of Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. They make their return to a house in Enfield, England which is under scrutiny of being a hoax and trying to be the Amityville of England. The movie has improved on many flaws that the first installment had. The sequel improved on the overall use of its time, even thought the movie was 20 minutes longer than the first the events seemed to pass quicker, while the first movie felt longer and dragged out. The movie also improves on making the characters become more relatable by letting you get to know their stories a little bit better than the characters stories in the first movie. The movie keeps you thinking that you’re going to be constantly jumping out of your seat by including more suspenseful scenes that build the tension throughout the film. It was really impressive how the movie expands on the paranormal experts from the first movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren and shifted the focus to make them feel more realistic as people than in the first film. This helped to make the evil in the film become even more terrifying by shifting the perspective of the evil to not just the family being haunted but also Ed and Lorraine Warren. The evil in this film takes on the form of a demonic looking nun that tries to kill off paranormal experts Ed and Lorraine Warren. Using a lonely lost soul of an old man to begin tricking the family that he is the actual one haunting them the demon uses the old man to toy around with the children of the family first and eventually becomes bold enough to expose itself in front of the mother. This is what results in the mother seeking out for help first from the police but eventually leaning toward the church which helps them get the help of the Warrens. The movie is filled with many twists and turns in the plot in order to always keep you invested in to the story. With more jump scenes you’re in for 2 hours of holding the edge of your seat. For everyone who has not yet seen The Conjuring 2 I recommend you go out and watch it now you won’t be disappointed.

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