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The life of a student is mostly seen as a learning curve or a play ground for life. its in my opinion, if you are successful as a student you can navigate purely through adulting. going by general knowledge college is fun,boyss,girls, parties etc. no one tells about the daily struggle to keep up with adjusting with various classes or the never ending assignments or the fact that you have to just grow up in a matter of months.  let me paint this picture for you guys,  a 20 year old Nigerian moves across the Atlantic to go study in Canada without having family or friends there, she is supposed to quickly adapt to the foreign weather, culture and on top of that school work.

School Work which is the most important part of her journey down to Canada, this is a tricky situation now imagine this is what every student has to go through getting into college or the university. it is certainly not fun,lets point out. the transition from dependency to independence is the most intriguing factor, getting a job,not having your parent do most of the chores for you basically been your own person. so why is it that every year thousands of kids still want to set on this new adventure? life maybe. for most teens college life is the only break away they would every know hence the necessity, which take me to the next question , how do you have a successful student life? Time management, prioritising and no procrastination, if you do these 3 thing effectively am pretty sure you are going to live the best student life . now don’t get me wrong i am not a fan of the early morning classes where by the bus takes for ever to come making you run late even though you got up early and you had a picture of the prefect day you were going to have but noo life had another plan for you,or let take about the never ending essays always due by 11.59 pm??? really prof’s

Are all this a good price to pay for your independence and growing up hell yes, you get into yourself, find what works for you,date often lol. i mean the student life is like a electric guitar, you never know whats coming next but you have to be ready and stay the parties that is mostly synonymous to the college life. there is a lot of partying going on in college alot!! you meet a lot of crazy people no lie, and make a few friends who have interesting boys problem, no fashion sense and thinks they are cool that’s if you are a girl. Boys will be boys you know, party even harder,drink and engage 100 percent in the college life , but in all don’t forget to ace your courses,attend classes ,make sure you have a great balance between the school,work and social life. after all life is all about balance so hell yes the student is worth every stressful just be ready because it is necessary stress.


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