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“World can always use more heroes.” as said by everyone’s latest favourite Brit. known as Tracer, it sure can, and Blizzard Entertainment is here with yet another hit game to give the world the heroes it needs, which is us in this case. Overwatch, released on 24 May, 2016 has been sold insanely all around the world, is a team based shooter made by Blizzard Entertainment. Most of it’s assets were gathered from the canceled MMO project of the company that was known as “Titan”. The game basically takes place in a futuristic Earth, where Human’s create robots with Artificial Intelligence and of course things go wrong and robots start to rise against Humans, so the governments around the world gather a group of individuals ¬†with special powers to stop the robot threat, naming them Overwatch. Overwatch manages to successfully complete their mission, led by Strike Commander Morrison and Gabriel Reyes, but with the robot threat dealt with, the world decides to halt their activities and Reyes leaves the team to start his own organization called Blackwatch. The world doesn’t find complete peace with the robot threat dealt with of course, with them gone Humans turn against each other once again and Overwatch starts to work as a peacekeeping organization, but eventually tension starts to happen between Overwatch and Blackwatch, ending up in a huge conflict where both groups almost destroy each other, both leaders dying. After that the United Nations decides to disband Overwatch and that’s where the game actually begins. With new threats rising, one of the former Overwatch agents, Winston can’t take it any longer and gathers the group once again, with new additions of course and the battle for the future begins. With the story of the universe out of the way, gameplay mechanics are pretty well made, the game entirely stands out from your usual shooter games with the Pixar styled graphic composition and the abilities and the uniqueness each Hero has. Depending on the enemy team your team is facing, you and your allies have to switch the heroes that you play, so the action is rather intense and entertaining. And for a Blizzard game, the matchmaking is actually rather nicely done, always giving you a fair chance to grasp victory over the enemy team depending on your actual skill. When I personally first saw this game, I was sure that it would nowhere be this successful, but once you play it, you join the club of people who go “It’s already 4 AM?!”. All in all Overwatch is a solid team based shooter, a rather fresh experience after a long while, even for Team Fortress 2 veterans. Even though it’s been a month since release, it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down in it’s popularity, and it’s surely to grow even wider as more heroes, maps, gameplay modes arrive in the future. So, the world surely can always use more heroes, what are you waiting for?


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