City And Colour Concert Review

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Concert review

On Saturday June 18th, 2016 Dallas Green, the indie rock artist who performs under the alias of City and Colour had a concert performed at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. The concert which lasted roughly around 4 hours was quite the experience to be a part of. The show which became sold out in a matter of seconds when tickets first went on sale late last year had the amphitheatre packed all the way to the lawn section. The concerts opening act was Shakey Graves, an artist from Austin, Texas. Although not much attention was paid to Shakey Graves as people were there to see City and Colour, people were around the venue throughout the opening act hurrying to buy their food and their drink before the performance put on by Shakey graves finished and City and Colour took the stage. The line to get concert merchandise for Shakey Graves and City and Colour was long but worth the wait. The City and Colour merchandise had many things from the “Northern Blues” sweater to the “If I should go before you” vinyl to the exclusive provincial concert tour poster. Despite the lack of attention to his performance Shakey Graves still put on a hard show, he went up on the stage and played hard and had fun, so Shakey Graves did not disappoint. When the performance of Shakey Graves was over there was no performance for about 20 mins but when City and Colour came out on the stage the amphitheatre was filled with roars and cheers, finally everyone was about to see the performance that they came out that night to see. The show put on by City and Colour was exhilarating and never once did it disappoint, the performance was completely fantastic. Filled with lots of songs, the nostalgia was real as songs from as far back as from the album “Sometimes” were played. The most memorable performances put on by Dallas Green that night were “Thirst”, “Sleeping Sickness”, “The Grand Optimist”, and “The Girl”. During all of these performances Dallas Green encouraged the entire amphitheatre to stand up and move with the music. During the performance of “Thirst” many people got up and started to dance. When Dallas Green performed Sleeping Sickness” he sent a message encouraging everyone to get along.  “During the performance of “The Grand Optimist” the entire amphitheatre started to sing along with Dallas Green during the song. When Dallas Green performed “The Girl” the audience screamed with excitement as all the couple held each other and danced and swayed throughout the performance of the song. During the later part of the show Dallas Green performed a tribute song for The Tragically Hip. During this performance people took out their lighters and started to sway them in the air. The entire show had fabulous light work that kept all eyes on the stage. This show definitely did not disappoint as nobody expected it to but it left everyone excited for whenever the next concert may be.

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