Brooklyn Nine-Nine, T.V review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy series about the New York finest precinct, the Nine-Nine. Now the show center around eight detectives and one secretary, Jake Peralta (played by Andy Samberg) is the main character of the show. Jake is one big man-child thinking that he is the best detective in the precinct (which he is) but doesn’t know how real-life situations works such as buying 3 big sofas chairs instead of paying the rents or what’s a godfather is. Even though Jake is a big man-child, he always gets the jobs done and he eventually grows up a little bit through out the series. When Jake have trouble with his detective case, he will always have best friend/detective Charles Boyle(played by Joe Lo Truglio). Charles Boyle idolized Jake, Charles will defend Jake in anyway possible although he not physically gifted or smart, he is kind and gentle in very ways. Charles is a food critic, he will know every type of pizza around New York City, he will plan his own wedding, and he is very gullible when it comes too relationships. Charles Boyle have rough time when it’s comes to getting a girlfriend, his first wife Elenanor Hosrtwell is very cruel she was able to take Charles’s house, most of his money and left him for another man. Charles love relationship is not the best but its does get better later on the series. Now, Charles used to like another detective at the Nine-Nine named Rosa Diaz (played by Stephanie Beatriz). Rosa is a very secretive when it comes to her personal life, she never share anything informations and she is very tough/scary. Rosa is very hard to read person, she barely show any happy emotion for example she barely laugh or smiles which scare a lot of detectives. Even though Rosa is this tough person she also very smart as well but not as smart as Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero). Amy is one of the smartest detective at the Nine-Nine, she extremely competitive when being compare too someone specially being compare to Jake. Amy is a type of girl who never breaks any rule, in facts she will make the rules, she also a type of girl that skipped couple of grades during school and she is insanely obsess in making her Captain as mentor. Now, Nine-Nine has captain and sergeant, the sergeant is named Terry Jeffords(played by Terry Crew). Terry is a man that seem immediate but is kind and most logical man out of all the detectives in the Nine-Nine and because of Terry being the most logical man in the Nine-Nine, he have to watch over the detectives like they are his children. Terry isn’t the only one that have to watch over the detectives, the Nine-Nine captain, Captain Holt(played by Andres Braugher) is the boss of the Nine-Nine. Captain Holt is very much like Rosa in some ways, he is strict and sticks to the cop rules. When it’s comes to administration at the Nine-Nine, Gina Linetti (played by Chelsea Peretti). Gina is very self-centred person, she care only herself and do very little work other than playing on her phone. She always taunt Charles and spread rumour around the Nine-Nine, and she constantly compliment herself. Finally, the last two detectives at the Nine-Nine are Scully(played by Joel McKinnon Miller) and Hitchcock (played by Dirk Blocker). These two detective is what makes Brooklyn Nine-Nine really funny. Scully and Hitchcock are very lazy and dumb, they been partners at the Nine-Nine for 30 years. They been sleeping and eating on the job and do very little detectives works. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is really funny show, if you enjoy comedy and a bit of actions then this show is for you.



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