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The latest instalment of the horror franchise The “Conjuring” is here and this time, it’s double the ghost and double the scare. The Conjuring 2 is 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan  Rarely are sequels better than their predecessors. When it comes to horror films, that is even rarer. But James Wan and his gang have delivered a really well-made Conjuring 2, that is consistently engaging, definitely better than the first Conjuring, and this time, things are not just scary, but at times, funny as well. If the first series of one movie is well ended, people have high expectation of the second one. But honestly, it is really hard to match peoples’ expectation, But this Conjuring did. At the same time, the movie “Now You See Me 2” was released which the first series was a big hit. But the director of the Second series changed and the whole movie changed into a different type with boring story. So it is really important to carry on with the same director with along with the gangs. Here is what the story is about.Paranormal investigators Patrick Wilson and Lorraine Warren come out of a self-imposed sabbatical to travel to En-field, a borough in north London. When they got to London, they meet peggy Hodgson who is a single mother of four kids, who tells Patrick and Lorraine that something evil is in her house. When Patrick and Lorraine first heard that, they doubted but they started to believe her story when the youngest daughter starts to show signs of demonic possession. As Patrick and Lorraine try to help the besieged girl, the ghosts and evil get mad and they become the next target of the malicious spirits. It is always good to watch the past episode movies if it is a series movie, but one good thing about Conjuring is that you don’t necessarily have to watch the first Conjuring because the story doesn’t lead to the Second Conjuring. Referring to James Wan and his gang, Bonnie Aarons; the actor for the main ghost in Conjuring 2, took more than an hour just to do her face make up which was big worth. She 42 years old and she has been in the industry for a long time but not a lot of people know her, but she got this one.  it is not too much to say that she actually carried this Conjuring two. She is still begin issued in the social media and rising. The biggest reason why Conjuring series are being loved by people is because, it is scary as hell without not many of  scary scenes! What it means is, of course all the scary movies have scenes that make people faint but, Conjuring doesn’t have a lot of surprising scenes but still is really scary. And this tells people how well the movie is made. Majority of people either enjoyed or didn’t have any problem watching the movie, but for those people with faint hearts either had hard time or had to go see a doctor. The worst case was, someone actually died watching this Conjuring 2 in India with heart attack. If you still haven’t watched it yet but you are that person with faint of heart, I highly recommend you watch something else rather than risking your life watching it 🙂 

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