$10 To Spend

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

$10 to spend

You have a ten-dollar bill in your pocket and that is it! Left with a need to spend it, so what do you do? Maybe, a new article of clothing, a book or CD, or a ride on the ferris wheel, all the way to the top? What would you do?

If I had ten dollars to spend, first of all and most importantly I’m going to Mainshas on eglinton and oakwood (keep the black dollar circulating) and I’m going to order that crack-laced three dollar golden aura fried chicken with the rice and peas and ┬áthe sweet up coleslaw and to top it off that red liquid gold red sauce to complete the meal. After that, that leaves me with seven dollars and I’ll take a dollar and buy me a little drinky-drink to thirst mans quench to bring my grand total to six dollars. With the remaining six bucks, I’m heading to the beer store and buy me some cheap liquor and heading RIGHT OVER to a shorties crib for some well deserved play time and i’m doing all this while avoiding the numerous amount of people I owe money to. That’s what I would do (hopefully), what would you do with a 10 you found?



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