Top 5 Current Break – Out Bands From Toronto

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Toronto has been growing as a music scene for as long as I can remember, which evidently… isn’t that far back.. regardless, in the past couple years we have seen some great bands coming out of our area, so as well as being proud, we should give them support!

5. PUP

Pup broke out in 2014 after releasing their self-titled debut and touring across Canada with Hollerado and the Zolas. In July of 2015 they toured on Vans Warped Tour where they played at the Molson Amphitheater right here in Toronto. Their second album “The Dream is Over”  is coming out May 27th. and this track is on it.

4. Xprime

These guys are actually from Niagra, but we like to include our neighbors from the south. 2015 was  big year for Xprime, they played at Edgefest, and they played on the main stage at Osheaga. They also signed with eOne Music Canada, and are expected to release an album this year.

3. Modern Space

Modern Space signed with Warner Music in 2014, and spent 2015 recording their debut EP with Tawgs Salter who has produced Lights, USS, Scott Helman, and many more. They toured Canada with the Arkells on various dates, and now on a headlining tour in the west. Their debut single has been getting major airplay on major stations across the country, and best of all, they played a live set here at SayRadio before the kick off of their Canadian tour.

2. The Elwins

Again, this band is from a little outside of Toronto, The Elwins are a little further north in a town called Keswick. They released their debut album in 2013, but their biggest splash has been their 2015 album “Play For Keeps”. Their song “So Down Low” has received considerable airplay and was even featured in a Fido commercial. The y’ve toured Canada, America, Europe, and even Japan, and were nominated in the breakthrough group category at the 2016 Juno awards.

1. Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally released their debut album “Sore” through Buzz Records in October of 2015. The album was met with critical acclaim. They’re currently on a tour across North America, and later are heading to the UK. They will also be playing Wayhome festival alter this year. This is only the beginning of what seems like a very promising career, which is why they are our number one.


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