Deadpool: The First of Many

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Deadpool: The First of Many

Deadpool has been out for a couple months now, and now would be the most appropriate time to talk about it, spoilers and all. Deadpool is an overwhelming success on Marvel’s end, and the reasoning for it is keeping that R-Rating. The high octane violence, the grotesque blood and gore, the suggestive themes and over the top profanity, dare I say it, it’s… it’s… MARVELous. (I hate myself) The movie was a breath taking mind and body experience. Not missing a beat, the movie plays on itself the same way you’d imagine the comics are, and, much to my own dismay, it appeals to every comic fan, meaning the crybabies who worship Deadpool are probably loving the fact I admitted that. Noting that though, I too obsess with the odd anti-hero, it seems the most annoying and toxic comic fanbase stems from the fumbling hero. Deadpool achieved the greatness of properly portraying and executing a book-to-movie adaptation, like a rated R Harry Potter, minus the wizards, and with more blood (and noses). The greatest thing, however, that Deadpool succeeded in was pushing the envelope for comic book protagonists. As pop culture becomes more involved with the nerdier aspects of life, I often wonder if the new norm will be consistent resurrections of my favorite things, that are only popular because nerds have been slowly taking over the Earth. I digress… Deadpool has torn up the movie industry for the better, and I can only continue being excited, like a five-year old at Christmas.

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