Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Martha?

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio
Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Martha?

So I finally got around to watching Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. It was… a movie. I mean, I love DC, in fact, more so than Marvel. Infinitely more so. But when it comes to cinematic universes, Marvel is tearing the scene apart, leaving DC behind in a plethora of disappointed fanboys, and heroes who aren’t Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. I’m not sure what it is mind you that made Dawn of Justice feel so… mediocre. I couldn’t place my finger on it. Yeah, I could nitpick, or even just downright liquidate the film in my overwhelmingly cynical opinion, (courtesy of one too many episodes of CinemaSins) but I wouldn’t go that deep into destroying what to me is like a little cousin who sore for the first time. Sure, you’re supposed to scold them, or even punish them, but deep down inside it was still amusing and entertaining. Dawn of Justice was lacking a sense of Unity. They spent so much time selling Batflecks back story that when most of the action came to fruition, it was lackluster. A good portion of the movie could be written off as unnecessary exposition, the Justice League tie-in was a five second cameo of a not-so-impressive Flash, the whole “Martha” plot device that essentially was a very loose way of wrapping up a major conflict (I’m trying to refrain from spoilers) and yet, I can still admit, it wasn’t BAD, it wasn’t awful. I watched it, I disliked it, but I also loved it. I mean, sure, there is no Green Lantern, but I mean, I’ll live. It’s progress, and that’s all I’d ever ask for.

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