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Win a ticket to see Taylor Swift or Justin or One Direction. Go backstage. Get a kiss. What would you do to win a ticket? Would you phone in a thousand times? Would you dress up as a St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun to sing ‘Danny Boy’ in Dundas Square for 99 minutes? Would you make a poster, then go line up with 200 screaming teenagers for 10 hours downtown, in the rain, then snow, then sunshine, then rain again, just to get a chance to see Taylor Swift or hear Justin or have One Direction wave to you from inside a limousine? Would you? Have you? Really!

A ticket. Come on! A pair of tickets. Is that enough? You and a friend. How about you and all your friends (unless you are me, and you have no friends). That prize should be worth at least 50 tickets for family, friends, and dealer, right? Now that’s a contest!

Free. Free. Free. Enter to win. 100 times. Okay. Okay, so if I didn’t win, who the f*%# did win the contest? Show them or name them or something, please. I need to put a face to the person who ruined my life and didn’t get a chance to hold hands with Selena Gomez. I won tickets to see the band AC/DC last year, but I had to wash their little pants and clean the floor of the ACC before I could leave after the concert. But, I could eat all the candy and popcorn I found in the aisles.

Always read the contest rules!

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