Crosswalks or Crossbones

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

There seems to be a lot of people being hit by cars. At least, what I hear on the news.

‘Pedestrian killed in Scarborough.’

‘Pedestrian struck in crosswalk.’

‘Pedestrian dragged under cement truck.’

‘Pedestrian killed crossing nine lanes of traffic in Mississauga, (where there is only one streetlight for the whole city. It’s tall mind you…)’

Should they change the walk signal from a bright white light silhouette to a “skull and crossbones”? Bright white, of course.

Car eats pedestrian on the food chain. here is Buick. Way up here on the food chain. Here’s old man in a black coat. Way down here on the food chain beside tortoise, chickens and fish. Buick eats old man. Basic math.

What is the problem here? Do pedestrians need lights like bicycles now. Are drivers aware that they are supposed to share the road? Have you asked one lately?

Would fewer animals be killed on the roads if they wore bright yellow safety vests? Flashing LED collars? “Moose hit by car because they were texting “Hey, there is a car coming. Anyway…”

Ah, the irony.

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