House of Cards

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As many of you know I am a self proclaimed Netflix addict and no I do not need any help. But I recently just finished watching the fourth season of the critically acclaimed show House of Cards. If you haven’t seen or heard about House of Cards, where have been? This show combines everything you love about a political drama, murder, backroom deals and the right leading character to carry this series.
House of Cards picks up right where we left off with Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey running for his party’s nomination for the presidency. This series felt more like it split into pieces though the first four episode was him trying to get his personal life with Claire Underwood his wife, played by Robin Wright than trying to get the parties nomination and then dealing with an extremist plot in his own backyard. This season has 13 episode, but I binge watched the season so quickly I can’t wait for a fifth.

Do you have afavourite TV Series you can’t wait to watch?  Comment below on what you can’t wait to watch the next season of!




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