My favourite retard Donald Trump

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Good Ol’ Donald Trump is a guy that I love to make fun of. My favourite idiot by far.

I can say with confidence that Trump has offended everyone at least once. From women to…every other race in the world under the broad belief that immigrants are a problem in America. Illegal immigration, sure, but immigration in general…? That’s just ignorant.

Where do you think you come from Donald!? haha

Out of all the people Donald has offended the Mexicans are near the top, if not, at the top of the long list when you’re trying to keep track.


One of Trump’s own construction workers a Mexican man, was working on a new Trump tower that’s going up in Vancouver, Canada Decided to put up his country’s flag at the top of building and send Trump a message vis a video on Youtube.


Regardless of what anyone says, “it’s unprofessional”, “He’s going get fired”, I applaud this man.

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