Juno Awards, an Ontario showdown

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

It’s an understatement to say Canadian music blew up 2015. ¬†We’ve got the biggest bragging rights in pop music right now! To put it simply: we’ve beaten the americans at their own game. This attention hasn’t only happened in North America, but it’s gone global. With Biebs, Drake and Abel killing it right now, you could call 2015 the “Canadian Invasion”. Now the only thing missing is to see which Ontario native represented the North the best. Look forward to the this pop showdown during CTV’s exclusive broadcasting, out of Calgary, of The 2016 JUNO awards. With each one of Ontario’s hotest artist getting nominated for at least three JUNOS each. Another ontarians to keep a look out for is Brampton’s Alessia Cara. That’s all going down this Sunday 7pm Eastern time on CTV or CTV.CA


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