Viral Youtube Videos you Forget Exisited

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Youtubehas been around since 2005 and since then it has become the platform for sharing everything video related. From home movies to prank videos.Youtubehas over a billion users and everyday people watch up to hundreds of millions of hours ofYoutube daily.  Here are right viral videos you have forgotten about:


Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown

Who could forgetadorabale Kristen Bellknownfor her role on Veronica Mars and Frozen love for sloths? Her sloth love has everyone wondering why sloths?


Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL!

A cat playing a keyboard? What could be better? This cat plays a fun tune and looks very at home playing an instrument.


BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (nowoniTunes)

Take one news report from small town America, mix in auto tune and you get the biggest viral sensation. This auto news report made peopledance butno really thought that Antoine Dodson,  was actually singing about his sister almost being attacked. But hey the song is catchy!

Harlem Shake (Original Army Edition)

For some reason in 2013 people enjoyed video tapingthemselfves as one person begins to dance crazy while everyone acts normal around them but when the beat hits everyone freaks out. This odd viral hit was popular for a month, but then people just realized you can do this with any song

David After Dentist

A young boy gets one of teeth removed and after being put under for the surgery, he comes out a little loopy. He goes from crazy to screaming to laughing all over again.  This video has the timeless quality that all viral videos need young kids acting crazy


A ginger teen wants to remind everyone that Gingers do have souls, this is still to be debated, but however this teenager wants everyone to stop making fun of him. His 3 minute rant is directed to all his bullies and he has had enough!

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