7 Foods To Stay Away From

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7 Foods To Stay Away From

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It is always a tough decision to make whether you should grab some healthy or tasty and unhealthy food. And this decision we have to make every single day and at least three times in 24 hours. So taking the right path is very important when talking about nutrition. Here are some foods that you better exclude from you ration.  I know it is tough, we all love this food!

#1 Fried Breakfast

We all love to have these tasty fried brunches at these cute places  like Eggmart or What a Bagel! Doctors’ advice though would be to stay away from this food.

#2 Bacon & Cheese Double Burger

Due to trans fat that it includes, it is hard to count how many calories it has. One more con point is that it consists a lot of  salt and sugars… Shortly speaking, heart disease will be a “nice” bonus for lovers of that food.

#3 Fried Chicken

I love in particular people who say: “it’s just a chicken, it’s healthy!” No! It’s not. If you think that layers of fried oil is good for you, I have to break down this stereotype right now. It’s definitely healthy but only if it is boiled or at least grilled.

#4 Frappuccino

I love Starbucks too! And I can imagine how much  you want this cold and sweet frappuccino when it is nice and warm outside but if you wanna stay fit and healthy, this drink has to go away from your list.

#5 Meaty Pizza

Bread+Cheese+Meat…Sounds very yammy and dangerous for yor summer body. Try to avoid this food or at least eat it in small portions and in the first half of the day, so you can burn these unwanted calories before you go to sleep.

#6 Fish and Chips

Traditional British take out food. Although fish is usually considered a healthier meat option, when dipped in batter and deep fried it’s full of unpleasant animal fats looking to clog up your arteries. Same with the chips…


I know you love it and what might be better than grabbing a hot dog and eat it while walking in a park? However we have to pay for this low price delicacy  by our health since we are not exactly sure what type of meat is used in there and we probably will never know. In addition to unrecognizable sausages we use such things like mio or ketchup and they are not the healthiest type of souses too.


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