Remembering Rob Ford

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

The passing of Rob Ford rocked the city yesterday.  Tons of his coworkers and friends made touching remarks and shared some of their best memories.  Depending on what you choose to judge people on, you either loved or hated him.  Chances are you loved him if you were part of “Ford Nation”, a fan of his “Subways, subways, subways” platform, answering his personal cellphone to deal with complaints, a citizen of Etobicoke, or even just because having him around city hall meant guaranteed entertainment.  The haters will always bring up his vices and scandals ie. crack smoking, homophobia, drinking problem… (the list goes on).

There is no doubt that Rob Ford loved hamming it up for the cameras (He went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show during the midst of the crack scandal investigation, Dancing during Caribbana, and speaking Patois in Steak Queen). But perhaps the moment he should be most proud of isn’t some big screen production, but rather a moment where he showed Toronto all the benefits a city councillor receives on a yearly basis.  Filmed with a simple camera and sitting behind his desk RoFo laid it all out…

Rest In Peace Rob Ford.  Legends Never Die.

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