Naked Selfie Defaced!

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

You can say that Kim Kardashian’s body is a work of art and one graffiti artist in Australia thought just that when he decided to paint a giant photo of her now famous naked photo with the black bars on all her private bits. And I must say the photo doesn’t even look like the reality star.


Kim through everyone in the world into a frenzy when she posted an old photo of herself, rocking the blonde hair and no clothes. People have been battling online and in person about a woman’s right to share her body. Some celebrities like ChloeMortezand Bette Middler have been criticized for body shaming the reality star and this larger than life portrait seems to have put some people over the top. This over the top piece of art was defaced only eight hours after it was put up! But I think the Instagram photo just screams Kardashian. It’s bold, it does anything for attention and most of the time they aren’t wearing clothes.

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