Happy St. Patricks Day!

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Top of the morning to you! Happy St. Patricks, the day of my people. As everyone is well aware, St. Patricks day is the day you go out with your buddies get super drunk and pinch people that aren’t wearing green.  But this day is actually more than just telling strangers to kiss you because you’re Irish.Here are five facts you didn’t know about St. Patricks Day

  1.  St. Patrick wasn’t really Irish. It is said that he was born in Britain and only moved to Ireland because he was kidnapped and then sold into slavery, he then escaped his life of slavery and went back to Britain to study to become apriest.He did however come back to Ireland to educate the Irish folks.
  2. St. Patricks colour wasn’t originally green. The artwork that depicts the saint often shows him wearing blue clothing as well as Irish symbols had blue in them until the 17th century when the tri-colour flag was changed to green.
  3. March 17th is actually the day of St. Patricks death.  The CatholicChruchdeclares a holy day when a saint, dies so lets celebrate a death by drinking a ton of beer!
  4. Thinking of eating a traditional Irish meal of Corned Beef and cabbage? This Irish staple is more of an American tradition. When Irish Americans immigrated they were quite poor and the most affordable meat was corned beef.
  5. Need a little luck? Good luck trying to find a four leaf clover the chance of you finding 1 in 10 000

Now that you know the real facts about the Irish holiday you are allowed to drink as much green beer as your Irish for a day heart desires.


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