That Musical Talent Tho

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

This past weekend Ariana Grande was on Saturday Night live in a skit about an intern that could secretly sing, and for some reason, has to do impressions of various artists to keep the company’s streams running.

aaand its fantastic, not only does Ariana have an amazing voice but also an amazing sense of humour.


“I’m shy, oh baby baby how was I supposed to know” -snap- -snap-

I can only assume that they got the idea for this skit from Jimmy’s game show “Wheel of music”

check out her impression of Christina Aguilera!



Speaking of Christina Aguilera, another extremely talented singer, she was also on this game show. Her impression of Cher is GOLDEN.


While we’re on the topic of talent, I think Jimmy Fallon does an amazing job of keeping up with these superstars.

I love these videos I think they’re amazing and hilarious!


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