Transit Do’s and Don’ts

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Raise your transfer or monthly pass if you have taken the transit-bus, train or subway.

Should there be a VIP pass that guarantees you a seat? You pay a little extra…  Or bonus dollars awarded to your pass when it is late?

And, why do they put the number in the back of the bus? So you can be sure it was your bus you just missed! Teasing you. “Yes, it was the 196B. Eat my dust.”

Here are some hard and fast rules for getting to and from school on transit.

Do say thanks. Start with courtesy.

Don’t be a ‘line weasel’. ‘Nuff said.

Do take off your backpack. You are not going up Mount Everest. You are going to school. Take off your backpack or knapsack or the Old Spice duffle bag. Take it off!

Don’t carry scalding hot coffee in one hand and your phone in the other while you surf on a packed bus. you are an accident wearing a lawsuit.

Do I need to hear “your music”? Seriously…through your skull or your external phone speaker? Do you know sign language? “I hate you.”

Don’t put your feet on the seat! You are not at home on the pig farm. Even the Beverly Hillbillies had some consideration.

Do I need to repeat it? Take off your backpack.

Don’t like talk on your like phone like super loud to like validate yourself.

Okay? Still like bff’s?

It starts with you. It ends with you. Be an example.

Get back to me on what the ruling is on how far your legs to be apart while seated?


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