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Have you planned on having children? Does your tummy get warm at the thought of being called Mummy or Dada for the rest of your earthly life? Does cleaning up a vomit trail from Junior’s bedspread to the bathtub at two o’clock in the morning sound appealing? Again two hours later? I thank the inventor of the washing machine. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

If you have thought about having a child-think again.

The moment Baby pops out, your selfish existence will be interrupted forever. Eat. Poop. Sleep. Poop. Cry. Pee. Cry. Sleep. Pee. Cry. Eat. Sleep. Poop. Cry. Poop. Sleep. Cry. You provide. It sure gives a person the perspective to view their own parents in a new light. Or, did you come from an egg?

Having a child should not be a whimsical thought! You must be prepared to provide for them in your estate after you have “crossed wires on the Dodge”.

Be fair-stop and think.

Think before you poke a hole in the condom with a pin.

Think before you change lives-not just your own.

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