How to Cook an Egg

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Fetch a pot bigger than your mouth but smaller than your head.

Fill with water-fresh water.

Place the pot on top of the stove on the element or ‘coily thing’.

(The stove is the big box in the kitchen that has a door on it, a¬†clock flashing twelve, and a bunch of dials that make the ‘coily thing’ on top glow bright red.

Some folk stick kitchen knives into the ‘coily thing’ when it red hot. I don’t know why.)

You do not need a lid. I repeat you do not need a lid.

Now, get an egg. A chicken egg. Large is good.

(You can get an egg at the supermarket. It comes in a carton with eleven others. It is called a dozen eggs. They usually don’t sell just one egg-but you can ask. Maybe, they can sell one to you-in a bag or something.)

Turn the dial to ‘high’. Put an egg in the pot. Stand and watch the pot.

The moment the water starts to boil, start counting to 300. Not fast, not slow. Count like you are walking up the stairs to Heaven.

“299…300!” Turn of dial.

Remove egg from the water.

Remove the scalding hot shell.

Eat it!

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