Muzak n Stuff: Summer is Forever

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio


Self-proclaimed poser here to hype up a few rad bands I got to see a couple weeks ago at the Summer is Forever 2 concert at Danforth Music Hall.

Disclaimer: I’m pretty basic so excuse me if this isn’t Indie enough to those that care.


This is Wavves, a punk rock band from California. The song up there is from their third album, King of the Beach. This the album that really got me into them. Got to thank S@Y Radio personality, Garth Hommes for introducing me and convincing me to buying tickets. Zero regrets, one hundred funs. The concert was definitely as lit as an Asian kid could call it. Something about live music (or just a live event) really cranks up the feeling of listening to music to a 5 outta 7. The anticipation of hearing your favourite songs coming up is exhilarating. And then the song you’ve been waiting for plays and the whole venue explodes as you all rock out with your socks out.

Wavves closed out the show with this little gem; my favourite on the album:

Gonna plug a few more of my personal faves before I move onto the next band.

This one’s got a bit darker lyrical content. Still gucc:

And their entire new album is just straight fire. ESPECIALLY track 7 (Heart Attack)!

Next band up was Best Coast, a duo also from Cali (trend going on here). These guys are a bit more Indie pop rock but still all-American denim. Super honest, didn’t nearly listen to them as much as Wavves and actually left halfway through their set to preserve my already poor hearing (note: bring earplugs for live music). Nonetheless, I’ve been bumping their newest album, California Nights. If you’re looking for a more chill, good-vibes band, this is probably it.

My pick out of the album is Feeling OK (which I sadly left before they played it…):

Some more awesome tracks from the album:


Lastly, shoutout to the opening act: Cherry Glazerr. Super Indie, super cool:

Tune in next time where I’ll eat a cactus.


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