Muzak n Stuff: Brain Vomitting Rock Recommendations

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Music again?!

Yeah, music is coolio hoolio.

Not to horn my own toot but I listen to or at least know a wide variety of music in different genres (some exceptions, sorry Reggae)

But I’m gonna share some random songs on my mind. Some songs that I’ve been listening to and/or good songs that could use more exposure. Even basic songs that I everyone already knows. Maybe we can talk about it or you get to know me. At least we can make subtle eye contact when our hands accidentally touch grabbing the last tissue.

Today, I’ll be going over Rock.

Without further ado:


A relatively indie band from Paris. Heard it first on Guitar Hero.

Another song from a video game.

Alternative Rock

Been listening to this song a lot on the morning commute.

Sorry, Everlong. This is the best Foo Fighters song. Fight me.


One day I’ll learn to play the bassline at the fast part. Today is not that day.

This song has like a million things going on. The beauty of Prog.

Melodic Death Metal

If I wanted to, I’d list a thousand Melodeath songs.

Ear warning for the weak hearted.

Hard Rock

Back in the day I pretty much only listened to Metallica. This, I think is their most underrated song.

As much as I love Dream On, this is my Aerosmith go-to.

Honourable Mentions

Some albums or songs that I’m too lazy to link but you should definitely check out

Wavves – King of the Beach

Foster the People – Torches

Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

That’s all the indie/alternative on my phone that I’ve been bumping


Either post-hardcore or Kpop. Or drinking toothpaste.

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