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THIS BLOG WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Your doctor is going to hate you when they see #6 on this list. IN FACT, you’ll probably never look at the THIS celebrity the same after seeing THIS. And how could we forget the UNTHINKABLE REASON Justin Trudeau had to hide his identity from his wife? WHAT WAS HE THINKING? WOW. TRULY RIVETING STUFF.


Okay, so now that we’ve distracted those guys with click-bait. Let’s talk weird internet.

I thought I’d throw together a useful list of web pages I use to make life a little easier – and a lot more interesting.

Best of the internet!



1. Avoid Humans

Living in a big city can be tough for introverts. It’s almost impossible to go out for a quiet meal, play music at the park or just zone out without the anxiety of someone showing up and making you feel weird. This site tells you where you can go to avoid as many people as possible. It uses location check-ins from apps to determine where the least amount of people are. Everyone needs a little peace and quiet.

2. Terms of Service, Didn’t Read

Nobody reads the terms of service. If you don’t want Microsoft showing up for one of your kidneys after updating to Windows 10, check this site out every once in a while. It summarizes the red flags and interesting points you might encounter while scrolling through a specific TOS, so you can know what you’re getting into. They’re doing God’s work.

3. How Hot Am I?

Now this site is just for fun. I wouldn’t take it too seriously. But, if you’ve ever wanted to think how attractive a computer would find you (Like out of the movie, HER) Try this out. I can’t say that I was disappointed. Just don’t pit yourself against British Olympic gold-medal winner, Andy Murray.

4. If It Were My Home

Life is all about perspective. It’s hard to see what life is actually like in another person’s shoes. Especially when they live thousands of miles away. If you’ve ever been curious how your circumstances in Canada match up with someone living in another country, this site is kinda cool. They only use base statistics, so you can’t REALLY understand the intricacies of living somewhere else, but it’s an interesting time-waster. Here’s an example using Canada vs The United States.

5. FREE Paper Rater

How is this not more popular? I hate essays. And there’s a good chance if you’re reading this while you’re supposed to be working on an essay – you probably aren’t a huge fan either. So before handing that bad boy in, copy + paste it to this site and it’ll give you some good old constructive criticism. I find content-wise, it’s not the best. But in terms of detecting structural and grammatical problems, it’s beautiful. Best part is, after reading your masterpiece – it assigns you a grade. So you can mentally prepare yourself for that C+ before it even happens.


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