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404 Not Found - Sammies From The 6ix

Sandwiches are beautiful. They give college students like me the opportunity to put anything between two slices of bread and feel good about eating it. We can thank British Statesman, John Montagu (The Earl of Sandwich), for the greatest invention before sliced bread. This guy was a trailblazer. He said no to roasted pigeon and opted for a much simpler meal of meat between bread to accommodate his 24-hour gambling sessions. History is history, though. Let’s talk about what sandwiches mean now.

I try to make sandwiches a part of my life at least 3 times daily. That’s 21 sandwiches a week, about 84 in a month and roughly 1092 a year. Nobody has that much time to make sandwiches. It’s a real predicament. So bad, that I’ve put together a list of the best sandwich experiences you can have in Toronto under a tight budget.

Get ready to chow down,

California Sandwiches – Veal Sandwich – $8.19

I had a close family-friend introduce this place to me recently and I’m hooked. For whatever reason, I had never gotten around to eating veal at any point of my life. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect. If you’re the same as me, stop what you are doing right now and try yourself a big, beautiful veal sandwich at this place. It doesn’t really taste like beef; it’s breaded like chicken, but it almost melts in your mouth. The sandwiches are BIG too. If you can one-hand a basketball, you might have a chance at eating this like a regular sandwich. I recommend going without toppings because there’s just the perfect amount of flavour between the sauce and the veal. It’s your life though, maybe zest it up with some jalapenos and provolone. I’ve tried other similar sammies after eating here and nothing seems to taste as good. Make your first veal experience the best. Eat here.

Banh Mi Boys – Vietnamese-Style Sandwiches – $5.50 – $8.00

If you’ve always wanted to explore Asian fusion, but are a little apprehensive about eating anything not stuffed between two buns – Have I got the place for you. Vietnamese sandwiches are typically simple, filling and super fresh. Banh Mi Boys does all this, but takes it to the next level. My go-to is the Grilled Pork sandwich, which runs you $5.50. I’ve had most of the other options too and to be completely honest, they’re all great. Most Banh Mi places tend to take it easy on the sauce, where these guys tend to be a bit more liberal. The BBQ sauce is phenomenal. In terms of spiciness, you can set your own comfort level from mild to tongue burns. Everything is insanely fresh too. I didn’t get a look out back, but I’m like 95% sure they’ve got a garden out there. The service is great – You’re in and out pretty quickly, with absolutely no regrets.

Cheesewerks – Grilled Cheese Sandwich – $8.50 – $10

With everything forthcoming, I have to admit that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches. I’ve probably eaten at least 5000 over the course of my life. (I wish I was kidding) This post from Reddit looks like something I’d write in my diary.

So while most of the menu at Cheesewerks probably falls under the category of “melt”, I don’t care – because they make beautiful sandwiches. Every sando is named after a city, so why not go for the Toronto? They’ve got an iteration called “The Danforth” that absolutely destroys any other grilled cheese available in the city. The cheese is unbelievable. I hate when I’m taking my time to enjoy a sandwich and the cheese gets cold and crusty. This sandwich stayed melty for at least 30 minutes. A scientific wonder. The bread is toasty on the outside, warm and sweet on the inside. This place is totally local and definitely worth checking out. God bless grilled cheese.

Did I miss any? If you feel like I did – feel free to find me at school and bring me YOUR favourite Toronto sandwich. I’ll eat it immediately and give you my thoughts.


Photo Creds to BBC, The Toronto Star, BlogTO and Foodspotting.


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