T-8 Days Until….

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

….I give up DESSERT.

I’ve loved dessert since the dawn of time, and I really think dessert loves me right back. However, I do believe that a nice little shakeup to my routine will help me out and stop the onset of Type II diabetes. I was raised Catholic, and right now I don’t consider myself a religious person- but, that didn’t stop me last year from giving up dessert for Lent. (If you don’t know what Lent is, visit this site)

Maria with her most cherished birthday cake.

It was a rough 6 weeks without dessert, but I felt good on the inside AND along with my regular weights and cardio routine I LOST SOME WEIGHT. I wasn’t going to do it this year, but I’ve been going a little buckwild (hello, cake for breakfast!…and lunch!…and dinner!) so I thought that it would be appropriate to clean out my insides.

I have 8 days to eat whatever dessert I want, so let me know what your favourite dessert is and I’ll put it on my list of stuff to eat- just no raisins, please! Today I had a slice of mediocre vanilla cake, but it still felt so good.


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