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Built to Spill. I know I probably shouldn’t have given the answer up right away, but I can’t help myself, Built to Spill is a band that I want everyone to know about. They’re one of those bands that have a die hard fan base, but its not necessarily a big one… but if you have the exact musical preference and world opinions as me, (which sounds ridiculous, but being on the internet actually gives me pretty good odds here…) then you will find Built to Spill to be the best band ever to touch an instrument, and the best poets to ever touch pen to paper. For those of you who don’t have the same preference as I do, I’ll have you know that you still may enjoy them! Provided that you like garage-y, trance-y, alternative, indie rock with loads of guitars and awesome guitar pedals. Fender gear seems to be their go to, keep that in mind.

Alright! Now to begin convincing you. First off, you need to hear what they sound like, and if you like what you here, just remember that there is eight albums, four eps, an electronic side project that converted Built to Spill tracks to 1980s new wave songs, (that was actually released as a joke, but still managed to get great reviews) and have covered enough songs to create three more albums, that you can listen to and love. Also, multiple side projects!

Car - Built to Spill

This is Car by Built to Spill. It is they’re most notable song, and it is one of their best, but the thing is, pretty much all of their songs are their best.

Built to Spill has been together since 1992, originally, front man Doug Marstch wanted the band to be project that would change up the line-up every album, and after the first album, he did so, but the band then just took an almost permanent form. (There have been some switch ups, but with a career of 23 years and counting, thats bound to happen.) Essentially, the band realized they were too awesome and they had to stay together. They were then signed to Warner Brothers, but unlike most contracts, Built to Spill was able to keep the creative rights to all their releases. In other words, Warner Brothers was like “yea, you guys are super amazing, do what you do and we’ll back you”. They release “Perfect From Now On” which received critical success, and is arguably one of the best albums they have released. They followed that gem with “Keep it Like A Secret” which is also arguably one of their best albums they ever released. Did I mention that everything they release is pretty much gold?

They’s also got quite a good sense of humour. There was a hidden track on their album “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love” which was a ‘preview’ of their upcoming album. Essentially, it was their way at poking fun at certain types of music without specifically saying anything. There was  time when hidden tracks were very popular, and lots of artists had fun with it, but I don’t think anyone really did it as good as Built to Spill. They probably threw off a lot of listeners at the time.

Not only does Built to Spill have an amazing sound and a great sense of humour, but they also have amazing lyrics. Doug Marstch writes the lyrics with his wife Karena Youtz. If you don’t like their music, thats fine, but you must like their lyrics. Personally, I’ve read all of the lyrics just on their own as poetry. You can find some amazing stuff in their.

Ok, I could go one forever about why Built to Spill is the greatest band ever to exist. In fact I’m getting really worked up right now, so I’m going to have to come to an end here, but here’s a few more more awesome facts; even if you don’t know who they are, Conan O’Brien does, and so does David Letterman, they have had one band member named Brett Netson, and one named Brett Nelson, Modest Mouse has them as one of their biggest influence, in the Pitchfork documentary on Modest Mouse “The Lonesome Crowded West” Up founder Chris Takino recalls Issac Brock saying Doug Marstch was one of the only people who should be making records, “I was talking to him outside of the Velvet Elvis once, right before we put out the Built To Spill record. I had mentioned it to him and he said that Doug Martsch was one of three people he could think of that should be making records. So I thought that the kid couldn’t be that bad.” Also, Built to Spill is amazing live.


Built to Spill - Time Trap: Live on Reverb (1999)

I rest my case.


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