The hottest TV show – Empire

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The hottest TV show - Empire

The hottest TV shows right now? The hottest and greatest TV and by far the most popular in a while is EMPIRE. Empire is rated an 8 out of 10 and 10 out of 10 on some other websites, which is very rare to get that rating.

I have watched lots of TV shows and I have never loved a TV show as much as “empire”. Right now empire is taking all over the entertainment world and its rated one of the best TV shows of all times. Empire is about family running a very big and successful music company. The movie starts off with a couple. This couple live in a very poor area. They both love and enjoy making music. The husband sings and the wife helps him with the music. The wifes name is Cookie and the husbands name is luscious. Cookie sells drugs to make enough money to build the business. Many years of selling drugs get them about to raise about $400,000. They make plenty of money and finally start the company. Once they open the business. Cookie gets caught for selling the drugs and goes to jail. Cookie stays in jail for 17 years. Cookie and Luscious have 3 sons. Andre, Hakeem and Jamal. Jamal is the middle son and he is the only son to visit his mom in jail. Hakeem and Jamal are both artists that work for their dad in the company, which they named “Empire”. After 17 years cookie gets out of jail to find her husband engaged to another women named Anika. Once Cookie comes out of jail her sons want nothing to do with her. She comes back and also wants her share of the company back. After cookie joins the company again, everything changes. Relationships get broken, some relationships get better. Some people will leave the movie and some will come. I will not spoil anymore of the TV show because I want everyone to watch it. This TV show is taking over social media and Hollywood. I started to watch the TV show a week ago and I finished both seasons in a matter of 3 days. I would watch over 5 episodes in one day. Many of my friends recommended the TV show to me and I watched it but once I watched over 2 episodes, I was automatically hooked. I found myself spending the whole day watching the TV show. It does get really addicting so if you are planning on watching the TV show, make sure you have lots of time on your schedule. Maybe even this winter break.

This TV show is very nice because it teaches you a lot about family and not to trust anyone in life. It teaches you to think twice before letting people into your life. We often think that just because you have money and fame, it means you have everything. Living in the shoesof a celebrity is not as easy and fun as it looks. It teaches you that money cant buy respect, morality and definitely cant buy family. 

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