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We’ve all had that experience

I played a game recently that really captures the feeling of grasping onto straws with the person you like and the socially awkward situations that I ran into throughout my childhood. The game is called Emily is Away and it’s available on PC via Steam.

The game plays out like a simulation of you as a young teenager going into College all while messaging a female friend of yours that you’re totally into but you’re to much of a wuss to tell her. By the time you confess it’s too late. I won’t spoil the ending but it’s definitely a game that the instant messenger generation can relate to.

My childhood was all about growing up with instant messaging and being terrible at communicating feelings to people that led to my pockets filling with spaghetti. Countless times have I been messaging someone I was interested and just awkwardly beading around the bush on how to tell her I was interested. What a roller coaster of emotions when she ignored me and I got super paranoid that I did something wrong. Turns out I’m just a socially awkward spaz. Who woulda thunk.

I think the issue with trying to communicate in this way is just the lack of tone and overly self-conscious natures of our fragile little minds at that age. Casual tone is commonly denoted with improper punctuation so whenever a simple apostrophe is used our  minds blow up and we have a mental breakdown. It’s to the point where we’ve adapted proper grammar as being serious. It’s caught up to me to the point where I have to type a certain way otherwise I’m self conscious that I’m coming off as rude or that when I do type a certain way is how I’m trying to be rude.

Think of a scenario where you were talking to your crush on Windows Live Messenger or even AIM. Looking back most of it was awkward chit-chat and a profuse amount of lol and lmaos. If you were able to talk digitally the same way you could talk in real life you wouldn’t have to talk in circles just to get to your main point; just to ask him/her out. The amount of embarrassing situations that digital conversation has created in my life could fill a football field.

Now as the generation gets older we can experience these moments through other mediums. Like water cooler conversations. I for one am ready to flirt with the receptionist only for her to not reply to my texts ever again.


Image source: Short, Emily. No Longer IF Comp 2015: Emily Is Away. Digital image. Emily Shorts Interactive Storytelling. N.p., 16 Oct. 2015. Web. 11 Dec. 2015.

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