My Life As A Student

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My Life As A Student

Being a student is fun, but it also has its down side. Throughout high school I always struggled. I just never seemed to have the motivation. I did try my best but I was never interested, which was the downside because I didn’t do too well. Before the end of my last year in high school I applied for journalism at York University and got in, but I had to do an English test in order to get into the journalism program.Although I thought I did very well on the journalism test, I did not pass. Therefor I did not get into the journalism program. Right when I got rejected, I got an offer for the radio program at Seneca College. I ended up taking radio after doing some research and being interested in the radio program. When I started my life as a student in the radio program, it was really easy. At first everything seemed so motivating and easy. Later on I started to realize it’s not as easy as it seemed. My motivation was still there but I was getting lazy. You’re more on your own when you enter college or university. When you’re in high school, teachers are always chasing you for your homework and making sure they do everything so that you could pass but it’s the other way around in college.

For me one of the hardest parts of college was the workload. For example, in high school you would get an assignment and it would be due in 2-4 weeks from the day you would get it but its way different in college. You get an assignment and it could be due anywhere from the next day to the next time you have that class which is literally the next week. The essays go from 100 words to 5000 words and the workload becomes much more and your responsibilities increase. Also your professors start to expect more from you, they start to expect better quality in your work.

The most important thing you need to remember when you’re in college or university is that you don’t have any time to waste. You don’t have enough time for almost anything, I mean lets face it, school is not the number one priority for everyone so it becomes hard to balance everything together. Managing time becomes the hardest part.

The first couple weeks you will be adapting to a newer life. You will experience new patters and a different environment. In the middle of the semester you will start to think, “Is college really for me?” or “do I really like what I’m going into?” you will either change your mind on your school or your major. Most likely you will decide to stay in your field and life will start to get harder but one thing you should always remember is thattime will go on and nothing stays the same, stick to school and try your best and don’t anything to last minute. You will survive school and you wont regret it.

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