Who’s ready for some Wrestling?

Toronto, ON, Canada / SayRadio

Dubya Dubya E. That’s it. Good day folks. No, but seriously… let’s talk about some wrestling shall we? If you know me very well, you know I at one point was a big fan of wrestling… actually big would be an understatement; I lived for wrestling. Ever since I could remember, I would patiently wait every single week to get a glimpse of Monday Night Raw action. (For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about; Monday Night Raw is what the wrestling program was and is currently called) For me I always had this dream of once becoming one of those guys in the ring and earning a living of off professional wrestling.

So, why did I have this passion? For one… I thought it would be so cool to be as muscular as one of the wrestlers and just beat people up with steel chairs, tables, ladders, barbed wire you get the point. To a kid who is so naïve and knows nothing, that was pretty cool to see. When I first started watching wrestling as young kid, I thought “Man, how do they get punched in the face and still get up after?” That’s probably what gravitated me to the sport. These huge behemoths destroying each other and still keeping up a good fight.

Well…that was shattered in my later years; still a child, but heartbroken that what I was watching wasn’t what it really was. So that kind of hurt, but like many other things, I eventually got over it. So I continued to watch closely… now that I know it was all fake, I would pay attention to the smallest details in the ring to see how it was fake. There it was! I saw it with my own eyes. One of the wrestlers swung a punch at the other but what I saw was an open fist. Pretty much signaling that he wasn’t really inflicting damage on him. Everyone knows that an open fist doesn’t cause damage at all. So I thought to myself “Why would you fake fight someone like that?” Then I figured it out! WWE and wrestling in general is more theatrics and drama, rather than anything else. So it hit me; wrestling is sort of like a movie you would watch in theatres. All movies are fake, we all know that! But we don’t say “why do you still watch it, even though it’s fake?” It’s meant to be entertaining, not necessarily real.









So that’s where my current frustration comes from. People nowadays say “Oh… I don’t watch wrestling because it is fake” So I always answer with “But the movies you watch in the theatres are real?” You really think there’s such a thing as a real life “Terminator”; Heck No! So why bash wrestling for being fake entertainment, when movies and TV shows are the exact same thing! It’s a double standard wrestling fans world wide experience. In conclusion, I’m still a fan of wrestling, I just don’t have the time like I once had to really keep up with what’s going on.

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