Uber Mania

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Uber Mania

In our world today there are several ways to get to your specific destination. If people want to ride by themselves usually they will take a taxi instead of public transit. Uber has really taken over the market. They are a ride sharing service, which is significantly cheaper. To add to that, they are nicer in the sense that they let you play your music. They are just nice to you in general. Uber is someone who uses their own car to pick up passengers. The drivers are first approved by Uber and then they are good to go.

Taxis are getting really upset because of the fact that Uber drivers do not need to be regulated and taxi drivers do. Basically, Uber is stealing the business from all of the taxis. In Toronto, there have been several crazy situations. Many of the situations are the taxis protesting over Uber. The lawyers for the taxis are saying that Uber needs to be regulated because they do. Uber is a great way to help people save money. Uber also allows you to select what kind of car you would like. Personally, I think that Uber is a great idea. The fact that they are not regulated is a bit hard. The issue is with insurance. In a taxi you are fully insured, with Uber there are several questions raised about insurance. Uber is an amazing way for the drivers to make extra money. The protests that are happening in Toronto are crazy from taxi drivers yelling inside City Hall to taxi drivers hanging onto Uber. In the video below CBC news caught a taxi driver on video hanging on to an Uber car and being dragged 20 metres. The taxi driver is trying to get his point across. They are really upset because they are losing a lot of money and fares.

Uber is a very smart company. Why I say this is because they are an app. They are not just some other company that will go on the Radio or TV and promote themselves. In this day and age there are so many people that are always on their cell phones. Uber being an app everybody sees the app and downloads it. There are so many users for Uber because it is on your cell phone. The taxis do not necessarily have apps, which make them have to promote their service in other ways. At the end of the day there will be some laws that Uber will need to follow but they are here to stay.

In my opinion there needs to be something that somewhat regulates Uber. The taxi companies need to come up with a better way to make money if they want to compete with Uber. I will not be the first person to tell you this, Uber is not going anywhere. They will be sticking around for a very long time. Uber is a great thing for many people. Why would someone want to be in a taxi starting at around $4.00 dollars when you can get Uber and go to your destination for almost the same price?



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