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Travelling has to be one of the best things that people can do. Throughout your travels you really get a chance to learn a lot about yourself, and develop your personality. In many cases travel will change your life completely. Traveling at first may seem like an easy task, but without strategic planning, things could end up turning into a nightmare. Travel can be an easy thing if your going to a resorts, but if you decide to go exploring off the beaten path, there are some major dues and don’ts. Throughout the last few years I have travelled through Europe, and ran into some very sticky situations that at points couldn’t get out of. Here are some the things that I have found to be very useful, and become the things I live by when planning any trip.


The Do’s and Don’ts


When planning the trip, first thing you want to do is find out a set price that you want to hit. From that point plan accordingly. Next thing you want to do after you figure out what you plan on spending comes picking the places to live. On my first trip I decided to go with hotels and motels. BIG mistakes. I ended up spending far to much money to live with all tourists, and have the chance to experience and take in the culture and the lifestyle. Air B&B is the way to go. Take your time and go through the locations that you are going to, and check out the different flats that you can pick up for a reasonable price. Flats give you the opportunity to live locally, in the hot spots of towns, and have your own condo or flat. Most places you get a kitchen washer dryer the basic essentials to live. This is best way to go.

After you do that make sure to check the location of the flat. Sometimes spending more money for a safer location is better then paying cheap to live in a ghetto. I had one situation in Barcelona where we decided to save a little bit of money and go with a smaller cheaper place, and ended up spending a night in one of the scariest places I’ve ever been to. We ended up spending way to much money to get ourselves out of there.

If you are planning on using public transportation to get around form place-to-place, book your train tickets and metro passes in advance. It is a lot cheaper to buy your train tickets months in advance. When you buy them there not only does  the price almost double, but it can be very difficult to navigate there websites to buy them.

Last but not least, stick to your budget! When travelling it can be very easy to drop money foolishly because the fact is, everything is new! It can be very overwhelming sometimes when you are constantly seeing new things but stick to the budget. Everyday have a set limit and do your best to stick by it. Save the money to experience more.

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