Things I do When I’m Really Bored, like, REALLY Bored.

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Some times I get scared whenever I start to feel bored because I’m almost positive that boredom will kill you.

Theres always way to keep yourself busy on the internet everyone’s got different preferences of what entertains them.

Here are mine.


When I’m extremely bored I literally type, “I’m bored” into Google, and that brings me to a website called:

This website shows you a very empty page with a big red button in the middle of it and a paragraph underneath that give you an explanation of what you just got yourself into. All you have to do is click the button and it will bring you to a random website that might keep your interest for about 2 minutes, then you hit the button again in the top right corner, and off you go to another random, mildly entertaining website.

To be honest the entertainment really comes from going from website to website.


When I first came across this website I was mystified and fascinated for hours with it. It was so refreshing and relaxing during a time was stressed to the max. It’s beautiful and artistic because you are basically painting with light while listening to fantastic music that makes you feel like you’re floating. Me and my friend both had the same reaction “it’s like everything is okay” we would say in unison.

it’s called SILK

heres the website


This is one of my favourite childhood websites, it’s one that a lot of gamers might know more about.

Newgrounds is a creative outlet for a lot of people, but back in the day it was just a cool website to watch funny videos and play cool games. A lot of people that have profiles on Newgrounds create these games and videos, Newgrounds is a good place to find jobs and network with people who appreciate your talent and want to work together with you to create something cool. Everything on Newgrounds is user based and some users are more popular than others, other users can rate your creations and the higher your rating, the closer you are to the “front page” being on the “front page” means that your creation will be one of the first things a person would see as soon as they visited Newgrounds.

So yeah, I love Newgrounds, it just gets better and better as I get older.


This cool site is very simple and awesome for artists and just people who love to draw.

On this site you draw a nice picture and then you click the big button in the bottom right corner that says “submit drawing” that sends your drawing to a random person and sends you a random person’s drawing, you then get to see a neat little show of them drawing the picture.


IIIIS typeracer, it’s another website that is dedicated to a game. Typeracer is exactly what it sounds like , it’s a website where you’re given a paragraph from a novel, or lyrics from an old song and you’re represented by a little car avatarĀ  that moves as you type, the faster you type the faster the car goes and who ever gets the finish line first, wins.

These are my favourite sites along with
but there’s an app for that on Facebook.

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