Jailbreak or Jailfix?

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The first smartphone I ever bought was an iPhone 3GS. Since then, I have bought the iPhone 4S and I currently have the iPhone 5S. I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying iPhones for the foreseeable future. I love the phone and all of its features. The hardware is great but the software is even better. The iPhone has always been the best looking phone in my opinion. The fact that iOS is so smooth makes it really easy to use and very reliable. The main reason that I haven’t switched from an iPhone since day one is the fact that they can be jailbroken.

For anyone who doesn’t know, “jailbreaking” your iPhone unlocks tons of new features and endless customizable options. The iPhone is a great device and iOS is amazing, but there isn’t much you can do to differentiate your iPhone from someone else’s. Everyone’s iPhone pretty much works and looks exactly the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can get boring pretty fast. Especially when you’ve had numerous iPhones over the years. Apple has released new versions of iOS with minor changes but it’s still essentially the same. By jailbreaking your iPhone and using Cydia to download themes and tweaks, your iPhone can become your own customized device.

Cydia is an application that allows you to download a seemingly endless amount of software modifications for your iPhone. This includes themes for your icons, lock screen, home screen, status bar, keyboard, keypad and menus. It also allows you to tweak and add very useful features to several applications such as the messaging app, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, the phone app, photos app, camera app and the calculator app just to name a few. The list goes on and on. There are new tweaks and themes updated on Cydia daily which keeps everything fresh.

Over the years I have actually noticed that a lot of features that have been implemented in iOS updates have actually come from Cydia. There have been numerous times where Apple is highlighting their new features in the latest iOS update and I have said to myself “I’ve had to for years.” I’m pretty sure that Apple monitors Cydia. It’s basically free research and development for them. Developers put their tweaks and themes on Cydia for everyone to enjoy and Apple simply takes the best ones and incorporates them into iOS.

Apple has been against jailbreaking devices for quite some time now but they can’t do anything about it because it was actually taken to court and deemed legal. If you take a jailbroken Apple device to the Apple store, they will not help you. Their representative will tell you that since you have modified the software through jailbreak, your warranty has been voided and there is nothing they can do for you. It really doesn’t matter though because if you really have to, you can easily restore your phone and remove the jailbreak.

There really isn’t a downside to jailbreaking your iPhone. If you haven’t done it before, it can be a bit intimidating but trust me, there’s nothing to worry about it. It’s a simple process and it can be reversed. I’ll be buying the iPhone 6S+ when the iPhone 7 comes out (that’s how I roll) and jailbreaking it immediately. Google jailbreak iPhone if you want to give it a shot. Just make sure you read a tutorial and you should be good to go.

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