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Video games are a great way to de-stress and get your creative juices flowing. They feature immersive gameplay, great stories, and original ideas, packed into a single cartridge. There are so many examples of great games, and here are three of my favorite:


The borderlands series, created by Gearbox Software is a game set in a post-apocalyptic type world called Pandora. This place is home to Psychos, Killers, Bounty Hunters, Aliens, and the Vault. The main premise of the game is that four Vault Hunters (varies between games) are looking for treasure within the Vault. It’s said that the Vault is guarded by an ancient… guardian thingy.


This game is a Co-operative multiplatyer FPS (First Person Shooter), you can pick it up in stores or through digital download for about $20. I recommend this game, it’s really cool, really funny, it has a lot of character customization, so if you want to play either all-in or safely, you can choose between the two depending on your play-style. If you want to, you can do both! According to the trailer, “there’s like a bajillion guns” Pick it up and have a good time.


Super Smash Brothers

The Smash Bros series is created by Nintendo. It’s a fighting game where the fighters are characters in the Nintendo universe: Mario, Bowser, Link, Zelda, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and many more. This game is a great party game for those who like casual gaming and a very fun competitive game, for people that aim to win. It’s newest adaptation; Super Smash Bros 4 Nintendo Wii U and 3DS is available for in store and digital download for about $45. There’s a wide range of characters and with DLC (downloadable content), the roster continues to grow. I really recommend you to play this game whether you’re a fan of fighting games or not. I’m sure you’ll have a great time playing because games like this never get old.


Dark Souls


With the disclaimer out of the way, the Souls series, created by From Software is a series of games set in a broken world, ¬†created by fire and destroyed by darkness. Because this game is very big, story wise and gameplay wise, i’ll be covering it in detail, but make it as brief as i possibly can.

The Story

The main story of this game is very vague, as you’re thrown into a world not knowing where you are, what you’re doing, or who you are even. You don’t really have a clear story other than what you’re told. In dark souls 1, you “ring the bells and link the flames” What does it mean? Why is it so cryptic? Well, the game wants you to read into it, figure it out yourself. The original lore is underneath almost all the text in this game: From character dialogues, to item descriptions, this game’s lore is massive. there are people trying to figure out the lore in such great detail, that they even have videos out for full explanations of how the story goes.

The Gameplay

The game is an adventure RPG with in depth character customization; from ranged attackers to melee attackers, sorcerers to pyromancers, This game gives you a wide array of skills you can acquire and master. With about 70 weapons at your disposal (yes i counted), not including the magic spells and tomes you could also use, there are no limits to what you can use.

The game is primarily single player with multiplayer aspects. You can run through the game by yourself, or rely on the help of other companions who have already beaten that certain portion of the game. Beware as invaders can come into your world at any time (so long as you aren’t in a safe zone) to come and kill you for souls to claim as their own.

Souls are this game’s currency, as well as EXP (experience points). You use souls to upgrade and repair weapons, buy items as well as level up. The max level cap is 711 (713 if you start off as a sorcerer). Each time you level up, the amount of souls required to do so increases immensely, so be sure to spend your souls wisely.

Enemies in this game are very pattern based. This means that they follow an attack pattern based on how you move as the player. if you move closer to the enemy, they’ll respond with a certain attack, and same goes if you’re farther away. The bosses are extremely difficult if you’re the type of gamer that’s impatient and not very observant. If you don’t look at the enemy closely, you’ll find yourself dying many, many times. Take caution in doing so.

This game is an absolute gem and if you plan on picking it up, Dark souls 3 is coming out sometime early next year, so be on the look out if this is your kind of game



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