How I Date? Three “Tips” from Chase

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How I Date? Three "Tips" from Chase

In this blog post I am going to post a few tips on how to date well, from the perspective of a man. I will have some examples from a friend of mine who is currently terrified to ask a girl out. I gave my friend, who we will call Chase for the sake of easy to remember names, some tips on how to get the girl he likes. We will call her Maria, keeping on the theme of easy to remember names.

Here are some of the tips that I gave to him:

(Disclaimer: these have yet to have results so it may be a risk if you try to use them for yourself.)

1. Be yourself: I was having a conversation with him the other day, and he was talking to me about how nervous he is around this girl that he likes. I said to him “Look Chase, you can’t be afraid of her. Just be yourself man and if she likes who you are she will eventually come around and start to think of  you as something more than a friend.” This is one very big tip, because if you a) never talk to her, then she will never see you as anything more than someone you talk to in passing; or b) talk to her, but don’t act like yourself, then if she ends up liking you, what is she going to think when your real personality starts to shine through? Many people say that this strategy leads you into the “Friend Zone”. This is entirely untrue. The Friend Zone is merely a myth that men made up in order to feel better about the fact that women don’t see them as dating material. Just because they don’t want to date you know doesn’t mean that they will never want to date you. take me for example. I am friends with almost every woman I have ever met, and that’s normal, right? I mean sure, I’ve only ever had three relationships, but it’s not the number that matters, right?

2. Don’t Listen to the Internet: During my conversation with Chase, he told me many things that I found surprising. He told me that while browsing the internet he found an article that said women love to be treated poorly. First off, don’t listen to anything you ever find on the internet. There is never any guarantee that the person writing the article knows what they are talking about. For all you know they are trying to sabotage you and make sure you never date ever. I mean, don’t ever say something crazy like “Maria I love you please be mine.” That just sounds like you are crazy unless you have been dating for a long time and you are going to propose or something. If that’s the case why are you even reading an article on dating tips? The only time it is good to go to the internet for advice is to do extensive research on various different dating articles in order to see what all of them have in common. Except this internet post of course. Listen to this one. This one is good. Follow my tips.

3. Dress to Impress: Chase was talking to me about how worried he was that Maria would find him unattractive. I simply told him one thing: dress to impress bro. Now, I then went on to explain this to him. when I say the words “dress to impress” the only person you should ever be aiming to impress is yourself. If you aren’t impressed by the way you dress then why are you dressing yourself like that in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense and you will be happier if you dress to make yourself feel better. I believe this is an important tip, because if you like the way you look in your clothes, then chances are other people will to. This may or may not include your crush, who may or may not happen to be in your program and named Maria. In the end though, you will feel good, and that’s what really matters in the end. Also getting your number. I mean her number.

So those are some of the tips that I gave him during a long conversation about dating, and I thought I might share some of this beautiful information with the rest of the world so that other people may benefit from my wisdom. Or maybe you found something in this article that might not work and now you know to avoid it. Either way, as long as I was able to help in some way I’m happy.






















































Maria please notice me.

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