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If you had $10 dollar, what would you spend it on? Clothes? Shoes? Put it towards the latest and best gadgets? What if I told you the best thing you can do is put it towards helping the homeless this holiday season.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation army has a campaign happening right this moment where they are trying to raise money for the homeless to keep them warm, give them food to eat and a safe place to stay. They rely on volunteers to make it happen and normally they are stationed outside of malls, grocery stores and major tourist attractions such as Nathan Philips Square. Sometimes they are stationed at major intersections as well. What they are most memorable for is the bells ringing and warm smiles. So dropping that $10 in the Kettle this season can go a long way.

Covenant House

Covenant House in Toronto is a place for youths, mostly homeless, who come during the holidays to have a meal and a place to sleep. In addition, Covenant House offers counselling and help with job searching.

Yonge Street Mission

Located at 306 Gerrard Street East in Toronto, the Yonge Street Mission helps out by giving food, shelter and clothes to many people. A small donation of $3.11 is all that is needed to get the ball rolling. So that $10 is basically like a life saver to someone.

The Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities

You can put together a simple care package for a family or go in and donate you time helping out with putting together the packages from goods delivered.

Other ways you can help out are, going to the Dollar store and buying $10 worth of stuff and dropping it off. Similarly, go to a grocery store and buy $10 or more if you would like of food and dropping it off. You can buy tokens and drop them off because some shelters had out tokens to newcomers and the homeless so that they may be able to travel around especially during the winter when the temperature drops below -10.

So while you may think that the $10 you have would be useful in buying a new app for your phone, it can actually go towards helping out a lot of people right here in the city. You might not even have to spend the $10. Just going through your closet and having a winter clean out is a great way to find a lot of things that you can donate. Old clothing that do not fit any more or that you never wore,  shoes even kitchen items. The possibilities are endless.

This holiday season, I urge to take a little time to not just think of yourself but of others around you who may not be as fortunate to spend each night of winter in a warm bed. That $10 you were going to spend on lottery tickets for a 1 out of a 1, 000, 000 chance of winning $30, 000, 000 would be better going to someone who would appreciate it.   That simple $10 is what could make or break someones entire holiday.

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