Clash of Visions: The Future of Music

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Clash of Visions: An upcoming Canadian hard rock band that is on the rise with the aim of success and fame, by playing the music they love. The band came together in August of 2012, and from their humble beginnings they have sought to broaden their fan base, and forever change the future of their genre through the language of music.


Known as the band with two sets of brothers, the band started out, and is still currently, Mark Muccilli on guitar, Lucas Muccilli on bass guitar, Nick Savage on guitar and Chris Savage on drums. They began as an instrumental act, called Falling Into Infinity, performing covers from various Progressive Metal bands including Rush, Dream Theater, and Haken. After a few months of performing solely instrumentals, they began looking for a vocalist, with the aim of completing the band and writing and performing original material. The guys had all attended a performance arts high school in Thornhill, and had quickly become friends.  It was no surprise then that this was the first place they looked with the hopes of finding a vocalist. Jennifer Commisso was soon welcomed into the band and from there they began writing, performing and recording original music. After playing various shows together and garnering praise from various industry professionals, the band began recording demos of a few original songs.

 The band is currently in the process of recording for a new EP, which is scheduled to be released as of early March 2016.  They are also currently in the finals of a competition in which they have advanced through the first three rounds.  The final show will take place on January 16th at the MOD Club in Toronto, with the grand prize being recording time at a professional studio in the city.

The upcoming EP will include five original tracks, which the band hopes will help boost it’s following and fan base.  When asked about their future goals (both near and far), the band expressed aims to go on tour, and sign a recording contract.  Currently, the band can be found on social media, often using it as an outlet to gain a following.  Clash of Visions currently has over 1,200 followers on Twitter, and it comes as no surprise that they often rely on the website to promote shows and band activity.  As well, the band is currently active on Facebook and Instagram, and even has their own website.

After the songs are recorded for the new EP, the band will focus on developing the cover artwork and manufacturing of their work.  As well, they are working towards getting band merchandise, which will be put up for sale on their website, and at shows.

Personally, I have been friends with the members of the band for many years and I can honestly say that their music has a very unique sound that will be appreciated by fans of rock and metal. In essence, take the time to support local music and check out Clash of Visions.  They are a very talented up and coming band trying to make a name for themselves in the Canadian and eventually world music scene.  In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for local bands to make a decent living, let alone a name for themselves; all the support they can get will surely be appreciated.










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