Not a silent night on ‘Saturday Night Live’: The Top Ten Holiday Sketches!

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Nothing makes me more jollier than an old man in a red coat like Saturday Night Live holiday specials. Every Saturday at 11:30pm during the holiday season would be missed without a hot cup of cocoa and some heartfelt laughs from the SNL gang to warm my cold, cold heart. While over the years some have judged SNL for dipping in quality and stating the year they watched in their teens was the best era, I respectfully disagree, a general consensus is that they have made the most Hilarious skits around for the winter Holidays for all of the 40 years on air. Here are my personal top ten favourite holiday skits from them:




10. Wrappinville

At the top of the list is Wrappinville, a reiteration of the classic skit of Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon playing two advertising mascots, this time for a Christmas store called Wrappinville, competing with a holiday fundraiser helper. The skit is hilarious and the excitement you get from watching the earlier skits of the same vein and experiencing this one for the first time will put a smile on your face. However, the reason its so low on the list is because its not an original idea for SNL and it becomes repetitive after seeing the same joke over the span of four minutes, not counting the skits of the same vein beforehand.

9. The Hanukkah Song

A classic and the reason this list is called “Holiday sketches” and not “Christmas sketches”, The Hanukkah Song is Adam Sandler’s answer to the plethora of Christmas songs with no ones for Jewish kids to sing along to, except for “Dradle Dradle.” This quick and quotable song is fun to sing no matter what you religion you believe in.

8. Santa’s My Boyfriend

Maya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wig do their twisted rendition of “Santa Baby”, along the way  mocking distraught infatuation and fake relationships with old St. Nick. The three women sing their hearts out over the similar experiences with the man, and call his wife some nasty name  All in good fun, the skit is a memorable and shows us how ridiculous some Christmas songs can be.

7. Santa’s Workshop

A parody of Glengarry Glen Ross, Santa’s Workshop uses the same archetypal psychopathic businessman from the original film, played both by Alec Baldwin, and flips the film on its head using gumdrops instead of real-estate. Funny when you don’t know the source material, hilarious when you do, the skit birthed the ever so quotable “Put that cocoa down!”

6. Sump’n Claus

If you been naughty this year, don’t worry, Sump’n Claus, played by Keenan Thompson, is hear to put a smile on your face this holiday season and as well as all of those watching at home. The smooth groove of rhythm and beat and Thompson’s gut busting stories makes this a classic of the newer SNL era.

5. I wish it was Christmas today

This skit shouldn’t be as funny as it is. It’s just four guys playing instruments badly,  some I’m not entirely sure if they are even playing music at all, mixed with bad singing, “I wish it was Christmas today…” It is Christmas today as we have gotten a treat from SNL of unusual comedy. I think its the childish humour  and sincerity that makes it as funny as it is.

4. Christmas Serial

Another parody, SNL takes the groundbreaking podcast of the same name and takes it for a ride in a Christmas Sleigh. The result, an almost perfect rendition with our Chris Kringle as the main suspect. I will admit that those who haven’t heard the podcast, which you should, might not get the inside jokes, but it still is a classic skit coming from the newer era.

3. St. Joseph’s Christmas Spectacular

Anyone who has been to Christmas mass has experienced the same pain shown in this skit. The edgy teen, the try hard singer, and the crazy priest are all a class of characters found at churches across the world this time of year. Its everything you find funny, but it was SNL who put into video form.

2. Do it on my twin bed

This skit is more riskier to talk about, but you get the gist of the message. Awkward, but oh so good.  Anyone who has experienced this will cringe knowing that there life was once an SNL sketch.


1. Schweddy Balls

How they did not break character in this skit is a true Christmas miracle. Innuendo after innuendo, I have lost breath over this sketch. I have nothing else to say other than this sketch is perfect.


Those were my top ten favourite holiday sketches from SNL. Hope you enjoy the holidays, and stay warm inside with SNL.


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